Put your PC in sleep mode exactly when you don't need it anymore - no compromises


Configure it once in just five minutes. Profit forever


Why not swich off your PC when you're not using it and save some money?


Every minute you save is a bit of CO2 not released into the atmosphere

Awards & Supporters

Carsten Müller
"They have combined comfort and energy efficiency in a great way"



  • System load
  • Presentation mode
  • Audio playback detection


  • System load
  • Presentation mode
  • Audio playback detection
  • Fullscreen detection
  • Game controller input
  • Print job blocker
  • USB device detection

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FAQAnswers you need

How does it work?

Contrary to the standby in windows, Stand-Bye! measures if you are using your PC before going into sleep mode.

Windows default

no input
wait 20 minutes
sleep mode


no input
measure woarkload
sleep mode if idle

Why not just disable sleep mode?

Lots of people decide to just disable the default standby settings because it is annoying them. But this can cause a lot of eneregy to be wasted! A typical destop pc uses up to 100 times more energy when running and idle than in sleep mode.
With Stand-Bye! you can have both: Never waste energy and never have a work interrupted by sleep mode again!

What is measured?

That's up to you. You can choose from CPU, memory, network and storage load, detect whether music is playing or if any app is in fullscreen, check if a certain application is running... The possibilities are endless!

Any questions?

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